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Leigh Wells

The Yarn Pyramid


 A slyly amusing and lovingly produced riff on the classic Food Pyramid, dreamed up and designed by my talented neighbor and friend, Karen Templer. Was fun to illustrate these icons in a style to evocative of an old-school educational poster. more>

Recession Profession


Over the years, clients have asked me to letter their wedding invitations—requests that I didn’t have time to engage until a few years ago, when many publication clients closed their doors and the illustration assignments were harder to come by. I decided to teach myself to do my own take on Copperplate calligraphy using a split nib pen. more>

It’s Science!


I’ve had the pleasure of working more this year on science images than ever before. These assignments tend to have slightly different goals than the typical editorial piece, in that there is an emphasis on conveying information in an accessible way. I relish the research on new topics, reaching an understanding of the content and trying to synthesize it visually. more>

Leigh Wells lettering Calligraphy Fringe Tote Bag

I Make Therefore I Am


My fantastic friend and neighbor Karen is an obsessed knitter, and has turned her passion into a blog and an online store. She asked me to collaborate with her on this super-sturdy, generously sized, canvas tote bag for her shop. It sold out!.